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Uveal Melanoma

DecisionDx®-UMSeq Overview

Next-generation Sequencing for Uveal Melanoma

Our DecisionDx-UMSeq is a 7-gene test that uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) to identify somatic mutations relevant to uveal melanoma.  Researchers believe that identifying mutations in tumor genes may someday help guide treatment decisions. Because the amount of tumor biopsy tissue is limited, it is important to gain as much information as possible about a uveal melanoma tumor from a single biopsy. To provide additional genetic information from your biopsy, Castle Biosciences offers an optional gene sequencing panel that can find mutations in seven important genes in your uveal melanoma tumor.

Comprehensive Genomic Profile of UM Tumor From a Single Biopsy

The results of the DecisionDx-UMSeq panel, along with those from the DecisionDx®-UM and DecisionDx®-PRAME tests, will provide your physician with a comprehensive genomic profile of your UM tumor from a single biopsy. This genomic information can be used to help guide your care and may also become useful in the future as UM scientific research and therapeutics evolve.

The gene sequencing panel DecisionDx-UMSeq is an additional test that can be run on the same sample as your DecisionDx-UM GEP (gene expression profile) test.

It is important to remember that information from the DecisionDx-UMSeq gene sequencing panel is NOT a substitute for the DecisionDx-UM GEP test. The DecisionDx-UM GEP test is the only uveal melanoma prognostic method that has been prospectively validated in multiple studies, providing the most robust prognostic information.

Optional, additional test to identify somatic mutations relevant to uveal melanoma.

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