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Uveal Melanoma

DecisionDx®-PRAME Overview

Castle Biosciences offers DecisionDx-PRAME gene expression profile testing to assess expression of the PRAME (preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma) gene. DecisionDx-PRAME is an optional, additional test that can be run on the same sample as your DecisionDx®-UM GEP (gene expression profile) test.

  • The test is available as an option for patients who are undergoing the DecisionDx-UM test.
  • Elevated expression of PRAME has been associated with an increased risk of metastasis in patients with uveal melanoma.
  • When used in conjunction with results from the DecisionDx-UM test, PRAME expression status may add further precision to the predicted risk of metastasis and help guide physicians and patients to the most appropriate follow-up care regimens.

Additional studies of the relationship between PRAME and uveal melanoma patient tumors are underway, including a prospective, multi-center study.

It is important to remember that information from the DecisionDx-PRAME is NOT a substitute for the DecisionDx-UM GEP test.

May add further precision to the predicted risk of metastasis.

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