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Optimizing treatment approaches for patients with cutaneous melanoma by integrating clinical and pathologic features with the 31-gene expression profile test

The objective of this retrospective study was to develop an algorithm by integrating the 31-gene expression profile test with clinicopathologic data for an optimized, personalized risk of recurrence (i31-ROR) or death and use i31-ROR in conjunction with a previously validated algorithm for precise sentinel lymph node positivity risk estimates (i31-SLNB) for optimized treatment plan decisions.


Dermatologists and oncologists use 31-gene expression profiling to stratify recurrence and sentinel node positivity risk. Nodal positivity determination was previously optimized by integrating clinicopathologic features with 31-gene expression profiling. This study demonstrates accurate survival prognosis when combining 31-gene expression profiling with clinicopathologic factors, which can help guide risk-aligned patient management.

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