Don't Settle For Ambiguity

DecisionDx® DiffDx-Melanoma Easily Integrates Into Your Diagnostic Process

Ordering and obtaining results are straightforward. A new biopsy is not required.

At the time of the diagnostic work-up, provide either 10 consecutive slides (1H&E, 9 unstained-5 μm cuts) or select the tissue block to be sent for testing.

Either with the specimen or via online ordering portal, submit a completed requisition form, the pathology report of the primary biopsy, a copy of patient’s insurance information, and a letter of medical necessity.

After specimen receipt at the laboratory, test results are typically available within 5 days.

Patient Access

Castle Biosciences works with all insurance providers, including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurers, and the VA, to secure coverage and payment for the DiffDx- Melanoma test. Castle will submit insurance claims and manage the insurance billing process on behalf of patients. The company also sponsors an industry-leading Patient Assistance Program with the belief that quality care should not depend on financial considerations.

You can get more information about insurance coverage, claims processing, and financial assistance by calling 866-788-9007 and selecting option #3.

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