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DermPath on Demand:
Utility of Gene Expression
Profiling in Melanocytic Lesions

This special edition of "DermPath on Demand" focuses on Castle Biosciences gene expression profile (GEP) tests for the diagnosis and management of melanoma. Clay Cockerell, M.D. will review several cases in which GEP testing aided in the diagnosis and management of patients with melanocytic lesions.



Clay Cockerell, M.D.

Cockerell Dermatopathology, Founder & President

Dermpath On Demand, Co-Founder & Educational Director

Dallas, TX

Tuesday, December 6
6 PM - 7 PM CST

About DermPath on Demand

With the advances in teaching technologies and the American Board of Dermatology embracing digital reading for the dermatopathology component of the board exam, the timing is perfect to launch Dermpath On Demand.  Why waste your valuable time and money traveling to a board review or other training when we can offer a high-quality training experience from the safety and comfort of your own home?

In addition to the annual Digital Board Review (DBR), Dermpath On Demand offers numerous interactive educational events hosted by many of the nation's leading dermatopathologists.

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About MyPath® Melanoma and DiffDx®-Melanoma

MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma are Castle’s two gene expression profile tests designed to provide an accurate, objective result to aid dermatopathologists and dermatologists in characterizing difficult-to-diagnose melanocytic lesions. Of the approximately two million suspicious pigmented lesions biopsied annually in the U.S., Castle estimates that approximately 300,000 of those cannot be confidently classified as either benign or malignant through traditional histopathology methods. For these cases, the treatment plan can also be uncertain. Obtaining accurate, objective ancillary testing can mean the difference between a path of overtreatment or the risk of undertreatment. Interpreted in the context of other clinical, laboratory and histopathologic information, MyPath Melanoma and DiffDx-Melanoma are designed to reduce uncertainty and provide confidence for dermatopathologists and help dermatologists deliver more informed patient management plans.


About DecisionDx®-Melanoma

DecisionDx-Melanoma is a risk stratification gene expression profile test. It is designed to inform two clinical questions in the management of cutaneous melanoma: a patient’s individual risk of sentinel lymph node (SLN) positivity and a patient's personal risk of melanoma recurrence and/or metastasis. By integrating tumor biology with clinical and pathologic factors using a validated proprietary algorithm, DecisionDx-Melanoma is designed to provide a comprehensive and clinically actionable result to guide risk-aligned patient care. DecisionDx-Melanoma has been shown to be associated with improved patient survival and has been studied in more than 9,000 patient samples. DecisionDx-Melanoma’s clinical value is supported by more than 35 peer-reviewed and published studies, providing confidence in disease management plans that incorporate the test’s results. Through June 30, 2022, DecisionDx-Melanoma has been ordered 105,239 times for patients diagnosed with cutaneous melanoma.

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