Irregular Papule With Atypical Histopathological Findings And Borderline Unknown Diagnosis

September 21, 2022

Irregular Papule with Atypical Histopathological Findings and Borderline/ Unknown Diagnosis A 43-year-old female patient presents to a dermatologist with a suspicious irregular multi-colored papule on the right dorsal foot. CLINICAL FINDINGS The patient presented with a 7 mm in diameter, irregular, multi-colored […]

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Asymmetrical Pigmented Lesion With High Clinical Suspicion For Melanoma

August 18, 2022

Asymmetrical Pigmented Lesion​ with High Clinical Suspicion for Melanoma​ A 27-year-old female patient was seen by a primary care physician who recommended follow-up with a dermatologist for assessment of a concerning melanocytic lesion. CLINICAL FINDINGS The patient presented with a 6 mm […]

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